Comfort Dressing

At times, many of us agree that comfort or rather lazy dressing is a more preferred option over LBD’s, bodycons, peplums,tube dresses or whatever.We would just want to slip into something very easy to carry and also something which doesn’t actually reflect our sluggish mode at the same time 😉

I believe each of us might have had this moment.I have come up with this really quick and trendy comfort dressing which could be a go-to option for work or slothful weekends.

This look is more on lines of neutral hues.I picked a loose fitting long striped shirt and paired it with ankle length leggings just to bring in the current rage of leggings ,one of the top fall fashion trends being slayed by Kendall in her own way.I kept it simple and comfy with denim-colored shoes , a sling bag and accessories to accentuate the look.

While you opt for this kind of look, ensure you don’t go fancy on accessories or heels.It’s better to keep the hairstyle simple by just doing a messy up-do, pony or even loose-hair.

“Keep it Minimal” works with this look.


Top : HnM

Legging : Chemistry

Bag : Esbeda

Watch : Timex Expedition Series

Shoes : Woodlands

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Photos by Sampath Kumar

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The Fusion Game

Yes!! You got it right!! It’s about Indian fusion style that I am going to talk about.This trend seems to grab my attention now.

Ditch the total modern or total Indian ethnic outfits , start mixing both the styles to create a fusion which,I promise, is definitely going to stand out.

I have recently tried this and added a tinge of boho style to enhance the fusion look.You got the game right if you can just carry it the right way.I believe accessories played a major role to accentuate my look.

I primarily focused on a simple plain outfit by pairing a casual tee with a boho-styled skirt.The tee brings in the modern look and the skirt which is slightly pleated gives an Indian ethnic feel.Playing with the colors becomes more reliable in this style as long as you are confident of carrying it.I have picked mustard and black colors since I have never tried this combination. I have used a statement neck-piece and a hand cuff  to add to the boho-style of the skirt.Major focus being the neck-piece, I tried to keep it simple with the earrings,just wore a couple of small metal second earrings. Knotty hairstyle felt perfect for this outfit. 

If you want to try this look, few things to note :

  • When you pair your ethnic printed bottoms with casual plain tees, you can invest in a statement neck-piece
  • If you are going for a printed-printed combination , stay minimal with regards to accessories
  • Also, if you are going for a graphic tee, heavy neck pieces would look clumsy , so stick with sleek long chains.

I guess that is enough download about Indian fusion.Just remember whatever you wear,carry it with confidence, it would just work wonders 🙂


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Outfit details:

Tee : Mango

Skirt : Zara

Accessories : Colaba Causeway

Photo Credits : Rahul Kongala

Girls, Just Carry With Confidence 😀

Shopping and Hopping in Kolkata

So, I happened to visit Kolkata for a couple of days.Though, I had only 5 hours of free time, I managed to shop and explore the city as much as I could.I would like to take you through my entire experience in Kolkata.

When it comes to the city, if you are the person who is obsessed with cleanliness, then, Kolkata might not meet those standards.Besides, it is a city which literally shuts down by 9 pm and being used to Mumbai, I found it hard to believe.A small note to all those who are planning to shop in the evenings is ,most of the shops are open only till 8:30 pm.So, plan accordingly 🙂

Apart from this, if you are new to Kolkata, it’s better to stick to Ola/Uber for travelling.However, be prepared, many drivers don’t even turn up or cancel the trips without any reason and this becomes literally worse in the night after 9 pm.Solo travellers,be sure to plan your travel a bit early during the night.

Yeah!! Yeah!! I know, you must be eagerly waiting to know about my shopping 😀 

Whenever I happen to visit a new place, I try to collect and shop for things unique to that place.The same happened even with respect to Kolkata.I started hunting shops in Park Street for such exclusive stuff and you know what, I found one amazing store,”Biswa Bangla”, which was launched by West Bengal Government and it has all the bengal-specific sarees,artifacts,accessories,bags,dupattas. This store has limited stock for sale but it covers all kinds of unique arts of Bengal.They even had sarees woven by tribals with vegetable dyes.

                                                           Vegetable dyed saree

Kantha work of Bengal is something which captivated me.I bought a two-sided dupatta with kantha work done on tappa on one side and a completely different single design on the other side. Tappa ,basically , is a collection of small square-shaped cloth pieces with varied designs and kantha work is used to put these pieces together.I even bought a cotton saree which was weaved in the form of a fine detailed net and colored with a vegetable dye.Jute and copper accessories are unique to this place which made me grab a jute laptop bag and a set of copper earrings as well.

                                                              Kantha work on Tappa

                                                                    Kantha stitch 

I had a plan to visit the most popular new market of Kolkata for shopping but unfortunately, I couldn’t find time for it due to heavy rains.I hate these spoilers but I did manage to go around and check out the Victoria Memorial which was built in memory of Queen Victoria, the Empress of India in 1877.It was constructed in Italian style with marble.The royal hall brings in the beauty of the high-dome architecture with glass painted windows and intricate wall carvings.The museum showcases the richness of the Kolkata culture since ages in terms of literature, politics,art and trade.

                                                    The Majestic Victoria Memorial


                                      Kantha work in 1900’s (Displayed in Victoria Memorial)

I am not a person who would be interested in temples but since the Kali ghat temple was built in 19th century,I was intrigued to check its architecture. However, much to my surprise, the architecture was minimal.The idol looked elegant, though.

That’s about my overall experience in Kolkata.

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Pictures by Lavanya Pulijala

Diwali Bang

Yeah, yeah!! I know it’s too late to talk about my Diwali outfit  but I couldn’t stop sharing about it. 

Festivals, especially, Indian festivals are more about the vibrant colors when it comes to the attire.As it is, I am pretty bored with wearing a lot of neutral color outfits and needed a break to that monotonous neutrals and there you go!! Diwali welcomed me.

I wanted to try a bright colored look with a traditional touch.Also, when it comes to traditional outfits, I am usually stuck with South-Indian styles but this Diwali was different.I wanted to bring in a mix of both South and North Indian styles.

And there goes my choice – “Bandhani” 

Bandhani prints , as you might know, is a fabric art form predominantly found in Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan.

Styled my bandhani printed dupatta and lehenga with an intricately designed thread work blouse.I played around with different combinations of mix and match to finally settle with this combo.Junk jewellery was my go-to option for accessories.In an attempt to enhance the look of my plain lehenga, I used an ethnic belt to tie around.



Outfit : Handloom shops near Ramashray 

Ethnic Belt : Global Desi 

Ear rings, ring and bangles: Dadar streets

Neck Piece : Colaba Causeway

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Photos by Rahul Kongala

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